The Gates of Hell

Take a long look America. Take a look back at what you have been, what you have done. Look back at those spring Saturday baseball games, the trips to the beach in the summer, and those carefree Friday night football games in the fall. Look at your homes, your jobs, …

Paul Revere Biography

Early Life An obituary in the Boston Intelligence commented, “seldom has the tomb closed upon a life so honorable and useful”.  This seems an accurate representation of the life of one of the more modest and trustworthy men who ever walked the face of the earth. Born in Boston’s North …

Declaration of Independence

IN CONGRESS, July 4, 1776. The Unanimous Declaration of the Thirteen United States of America, When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate …

The Constitution

THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA PREAMBLE We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do …

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It Seems Like Just Yesterday

August 2, 2014 Wake Up 1 Comment

patriotic childrenIt Seems Like Just Yesterday…

Today I woke up in a foreign place. 
The state of my country is such a disgrace. 
How did this happen. Did we all play a part?
Yes, when apathy or indifference have a place in our hearts. 

We forgot God and our neighbors, we let families break down. 
Standing by, feeling powerless, in our own troubles we drown. 

When pot is legal, guns are bad, and our vets are in despair. 
Why are our priorities focused on affordable healthcare? 

Terrorists are freed, while a good guy (Tahmooressi) rots in jail.
Our allies fight alone, because our leaders wish them to fail. 

There is no more republic, 
there is no voice of reason, 
to speak out about our government is now considered treason. 

Control is put upon us, by leaders out of control, and when no one trusts each other, it begins to take its toll. 

… Continue Reading

The Liberal Glossary

July 19, 2014 Wake Up 3 Comments

Leave Obama AloneAs a follow on to the very popular article “Liberals Say the Craziest Things,” and after a couple of hours of reading liberal tags, we decided to put together a quick, albeit incomplete, glossary of liberal words and their real meanings. This by no means all-inclusive. In fact, one of the great hallmarks of libspeak is the ability to change the language almost on a daily basis. Fighting back against this is just one of the fronts in the culture war going on in America right now. We must be wary of this.

Even “trusted” news sources can be found slipping into the new usages of words, so we must remain vigilant and push back with the correct meanings of words at every opportunity. Never give an inch. Words have meanings, and they evoke mental images and connotations. The mainstream media certainly puts on a full-court press each time an issue needs to be reframed, especially with the current “immigrant refugee” issue where we have to feel sorry for the “innocent children” with gang tattoos streaming across our borders while Muslim prayer rugs and Korans are being picked up on the ground around our southern border.

So, to correct any erroneous connotations which may have slipped into your vocabulary, we present the following:

ACTIVIST—A person who is only active in destroying America’s value system and mores. Usually not active in anything gainful to society. 

APOLOGIST—One well versed in regurgitating talking points on cue in a nearly Pavlovian nature.

BLAMING THE VICTIM—Daring to suggest that conflicts between humans are often complicated and that it’s therefore childishly naïve to believe that one person is always entirely guilty and the other is always entirely innocent.

BULLIES—Those who will not be silenced and fight back with the same Alinsky tactics used upon them.

CHOICE—Empowering killing of the unborn. Does not pertain other life decisions such as choice in food, arming oneself, etc.

CHRISTIAN—A misguided person who believes that God spoke a word and everything came into being because every liberal knows that an infinitessimally small and dense point,  for no reason, suddenly, all at once, exploded, and everything in the entire universe suddenly popped out of it. 

CLIMATE CHANGE—Catch all excuse to impoverish the U.S. and redistribute its wealth worldwide once global cooling and global warming were debunked by anyone owning a thermometer. Also known as “weather.” … Continue Reading

Unite! Ignite! Fight!

July 7, 2014 Act 4 Comments

Awhile back I was reading Twitter posts from both the right and the left. From the left, there was a great deal of gloating about the recent bogus high in the stock market, the great unemployment rate (despite record numbers of Americans not working) the health care reform bill, and plans to push through climate, amnesty, and other equally onerous legislation. From the right, there was the usual small amount of hand wringing, some resolves, a great deal of anger, but it was all disjointed, not united. Side issues kept coming up: you name it, fair tax, abortion, state’s rights, with only a small amount of time spent on the actual on the central core issue: The Constitution which should be central to our protection from a now clearly tyrannical central government. This prompted me to go off on one of my probably infamous “Tweet Rants.” After going on for about a half hour, someone said, “Have you put all this on your site?” Yes, but also in an equally disjointed and united manner as the tweets seen from the right last night. So, I will attempt to distill the ideas in one spot.


As conservatives, we generally abhor being submissive to a group. We are fiercely independent creatures who believe in self-reliance and carrying our own load, and we have very little patience for those that do not believe or try do these things. These are admirable traits, and they are those which have helped most of us to be successful in one way or another in our lives. We believe strongly in individual liberty. We want to be left alone to raise our kids, work our jobs or businesses, and plan for our futures. We believe strongly in the rule of law and certain societal norms of moral behavior.

We are what is best about America.

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The Gates of Hell

June 9, 2014 Act 3 Comments

What-is-the-Illuminati-Conspiracy-TheoryTake a long look America. Take a look back at what you have been, what you have done. Look back at those spring Saturday baseball games, the trips to the beach in the summer, and those carefree Friday night football games in the fall. Look at your homes, your jobs, your savings. Look at everything that defines your life as you know it today. Now, take a look before you, for this nation stands before the Gates of Hell. It may seem like it was a sudden trip where it only took a few short years to arrive at this point, but this journey has taken all of your life. It took all of the lives of your parents, even your grandparents to get here. It is only now that the destination is in view that the journey’s purpose becomes clear. Everything you know and love about America is going to change forever if you take one more step or allow yourself to be pushed forward any further.

You may say to yourself, “We could never fall under the control of a despot.” No? And what exactly has prevented it from happening here? It has happened at one time or another in nearly every other country on the planet. In fact, when our republic was founded, it was a novel idea that men could rule themselves, without a central king or emperor, surrounded and supported by principalities, duchies, each ruled by a central, unelected authority. No, it can happen here, and it is happening here, in America. The natural behavior of government is to seize as much control as possible and invest this unlimited power in itself. What has held this natural ultimate, unlimited power of government at bay has been our Constitution.

Almost since the day the Constitution was ratified by the 13 original states, its control over the power of government has been eroded, sometimes in small parts, and sometimes in large fell swoops. This erosion has been persistent and purposeful, accomplished by the hands of the very people whom the Constitution was to control. And we have been sometimes unwitting and sometimes willing accomplices to the erosion of the very freedoms we say we cherish and in the expansion of the government we say we distrust. What remains today is a mere shell of the republic which our Founders envisioned, for which they risked their lives and fortunes, forged with the hand of Divine Providence as their guide.

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Email Details Bergdahl’s Voluntary Defection

June 3, 2014 Wake Up 1 Comment









Begin forwarded message:

Date: June 3, 2014 at 21:00:22EDT
Subject: Fwd: Bergdahl: Interesting Reading, and It Doesn’t Take Long

From a very close friend. 


Sent by [Name withheld]

Retiree at Large

“Against ALL enemies foreign and domestic”

“Strive for perfection in everything. 

Take the best that exists and make it better, if it doesn’t exist create it.  Accept nothing nearly right or good enough.”

        Sir Henry Royce 


Bouhammer Note- I have known of this complete story for five years. However I could not come public with it or ask my sources to even allow me to take it public. One of my sources who goes by the nickname Raven-Wolf, who was and is very connected and was on the ground at the time Bergdahl went missing shared this information with me in great detail in the last 24 hours. Now that Bergdahl is safely in US possession, Raven-Wolf felt it was time to let people know the truth. What you read in this post is completely first-hand and factual.
I am glad for his family that Bergdahl is home, however I am disappointed in the actions of his father recently (I will write about this more later). I am sure they love their son very much and am glad to have him back safe. However this young man made very bad decisions, and must be held accountable for them, in my opinion.
There is a lot on the internet right now from many other first-hand accounts by people that were in his unit. Now you can read a little behind the scenes about how we could have gotten him back within days, if not weeks, had it not been for arrogance and pride.
For a complete listing of postings on this blog about Bergdahl, check out



It was June 2009. I was working off the grid in and around South-Eastern Afghanistan. I had built a very effective Afghan network: local elders, merchants, NDS commanders, Afghan Army CI, etc. Word came down that a soldier from the 501st INF had gone AWOL. The name of the soldier was quickly known: Bowe Bergdahl.

Within hours of the reported “DUSTWUN” (Duty Status Whereabouts Unknown) the RC-East Commander initiated a total gag order, preventing any Army unit or Embedded Training Team (ETT) / Police Mentor Team (PMT) team from sharing intelligence with the Afghans. His order was based on his command’s stated belief that the Afghans were complicit in the taking of Bergdahl. The actual motivations came out later in private meetings behind closed doors: he wanted to protect his chances for promotion to O-7 (One Star General).

The Commander’s order didn’t affect me, and I frankly had little care for being involved in the search for someone as obviously stupid as this kid. My feelings, bluntly, were that Darwin’s laws should be let to play out and the Taliban’s desires to turn young boys into sex puppets was this kids earned destiny.

… Continue Reading

American Middle Class – The Pending Revolution and Riots – Part 3

May 18, 2014 Wake Up 1 Comment

The last two pieces in this series (see Part 1 and Part 2) which ArcLight Institute produced regarding the inevitable civil unrest amongst nearly all American citizens have dealt largely with the potential causes and catalysts. In this piece we are going to relay some of the data that our system has discovered regarding some of the more unique phenomenon to be seen during such social chaos. As we have mentioned previously, nothing on the scale of the coming civil unrest amongst people has ever been seen before in American society. ArcLight systemic data indicates that people will see a hybrid version of a third-world nation uprising which of course has been seen plenty of times, though with a few unique twists. It will be unique in the sense that America is not a third-world nation, at least not by conventional definition. There are quite a few things unique to American society which mean a lot of the “on the ground” phenomenon which will be gracing news screens soon will be “new” as far as people around the world are concerned.

The first and most notable difference is the availability of technology and communications. Unlike a lot of the third-world nations that a lot of Americans are almost used to seeing in various states of chaos, the United States has a population base that is very used to using various forms of graphic communication. In order to illustrate how important such a sociological characteristic is, one must only imagine what the civil war or the American revolution would have looked like if the gruesome images of war were broadcast on Twitter, Facebook, etc. Of course, doing so does require something of a stretch of the imagination. However, think of previous conflicts with the addition of a 24 hour live news feed cycle and instant communication. This means that the speed of information during the coming national chaos is going to be like nothing that has ever been seen before. Another interesting factor to consider is the fact that, unlike third-world nations where close families and relatives tend to be located in a single area, most American families in some form or another have spread out across the United States. What that means is communications, as in any conflict will be critical as the situation will be dynamic to say the least.

… Continue Reading

Is Twitter Working For Obama?

May 8, 2014 Wake Up 7 Comments

Bk_LDEfIYAE7AFLImagine you have just been pulled over by a police officer. He takes your driver’s license,  and without a word, cuts it up and impounds your car. No notice of what you were pulled over for, no explanation no matter how many times you ask. That is the current situation on Twitter if you are a conservative or libertarian who is too vocal in your dissent toward this administration. Imagine a publicly traded company which holds a virtual monopoly in its market which simply shuts down any account it wants, without notice of what violation of its nebulous rules has taken place, without explanation, without recourse. Now, let’s take it a step further. What if this same company can be shown to be, either through direct acts or through acts of omission, working with people or groups to actively destroy people’s lives through its service?

One has to ask the question: Is Twitter working for Obama?

We have completed an investigation which began in January, 2010, and this investigation is now as complete as it can be at this time with the revelations from the Snowden leaks of the classified documents from the Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group (JTRIG) project which sets forth an Orwellian plot by covert government agents  to use social media, not only to harass and censor any dissent, but to actively seek out and destroy people in real life through a process known as “social engineering.” In some cases, these actions have led to events which have placed the lives of Twitter users and their families in direct physical danger, as we will see shortly.

… Continue Reading

American Middle Class – The Pending Revolution and Riots – Part 2

May 1, 2014 Wake Up 1 Comment
Section 8 Crowd, Atlanta. Photo:

Section 8 Crowd, Atlanta. Photo:

In the second installment of this series, we would like to focus a bit on what could potentially be the match to light the metaphorical fuse for mega-level civil unrest in America within working/middle/upper-middle class citizens. While the list of potentials our systems have uncovered is quite long, we have chosen to share a few of the potential catalysts here for our readers. In Part 3 we will cover the phases of unrest in America which we feel will lead to ultimate revolution, or possibly be the revolution itself. Please note that, as always, ArcLight does its best to remain politically atheistic which in this day and age can be difficult. We report the data in a readable format according to how our systems disseminate it.

At the top of the list of potential middle America catalysts is of course economic. In the event of another massive economic collapse, which at this time seems more and more plausible every day, we feel that there will be a class warfare inspired unity amongst middle class America. That is to say that the average American has suffered through a fairly stagnant “real” economy while watching banks and big corporations get bailed out by an increasingly unpopular government. Please keep in mind that on the other end of the spectrum is the ever-increasing “welfare culture” which also receives disproportionately large subsidies from the current administration including those who are in the United States illegally.

Of course, if we add the absolute debacle that Obama care has been into the equation, one need not be a political science major or leadership major to realize that the vast majority of the forgotten middle class Americans are paying for the opposite two ends of the spectrum in terms of social class. As a matter of fact ArcLight data suggests that the trend we have just described has been steadily increasing, much steeper now than before since the 1990′s.

… Continue Reading

American Middle Class – The Pending Revolution and Riots – Part 1

April 26, 2014 Uncategorized 6 Comments
Tunisian Food Riot. Photo: Maria Godoy

Tunisian Food Riot. Photo: Maria Godoy

As anyone who has watched the news recently knows, there is quite a wave of “chaos” going on just about everywhere around the world. Between human made socio-political crises and natural disasters, ArcLight has been busy researching a ton of data. As those that have read our other work realize, the majority of the systems and processes that the Institute uses are proprietary, and we choose not to disclose them. However, some of the data that has been pouring in lately has been off the charts so to speak in the socio-economic revolution department. As always, the ArcLight institute tries its very hardest to remain politically atheistic and makes references only to a given political party for purposes of illustration of points. Some of the most recent data that we have analyzed from our systems point to a serious rift culturally and economically in America. While most will say that such a notion shouldn’t constitute news, what is news worthy are the people the rift is effecting as well as indicated likely reactions.


Up until very recently in terms of the modern era of American history, most cases of civil unrest have featured isolated cases (and by isolated we mean one or several cities), and have featured statistically mostly minority populations. The causes of past civil unrest are not what we are analyzing here; rather we are predicting a new form of civil unrest that most likely will result in some form of culture / class full-scale war. Something of a new version of an American Revolution. Please note that chronologically, while the periods of time that civil unrest has lasted for in America varies by individual incident, there has not been a large-scale breakdown in order in the United states in what we at ArcLight have come to call the “speed of information age.” According to ArcLight data, most of the riots have been products of court cases or specific, easily identifiable groups expressing overall displeasure with law enforcement.

Occupy Oakland Riot. Photo:

Occupy Oakland Riot. Photo:

Most Americans are familiar with the LA Riots footage and those who are a bit older will also probably remember the Watts riots. Damage has been mostly limited to inner city areas and most of the uprising only consisted of looting local businesses in an opportunistic manner. It has been quite some time, perhaps excluding the war protests of the 1960′s, since there has been a truly unified group that has risen up in any sort of force. Of course, many will want to point to the Occupy crowd, though for the most part they have been a hodge podge of anarchists, climate change / environmental activists, globalists and a multitude of other loosely linked causes. For many that show up at those events, largely made up of youth and “professional protesters,” [often recruited through Craig’s List and other sources] the riots that inevitably ensue are almost an expected part of daily activities. Usually frustrated cops acting out of simply having enough of the nonsense are recorded for the “police brutality” reels to be aired on the Internet almost instantly.

Looking at the situation from law enforcement we must realize that officers are humans and have emotions and tempers. We at ArcLight always find it interesting that the film editing of these incidents always seems to leave out the half hour of torment leading up to an officer finally losing his cool. We at ArcLight often find it amusing to compare such actions to the two children in the back seat of a car playing the “I’m not touching you” game. Is the officer totally wrong for finally losing his cool? We think not. Protesting has almost become a version of extreme sport in America, so when the police start to win a bit, of course the the demonstrators will claim the media hyped police brutality.

These arguments aside, the scenario we see in terms of a national level of civil unrest will look nothing like anything the United States has ever seen before. In fact, we feel as though the situation we are about to describe will occur all over the world in some form or another according to the same script.

What happens when upper middle class, middle class, and working class law-abiding Americans who are not crime prone, not violence prone, and who have played the “good little soldier” in terms of being “good Americans” finally “lose it”?

The answer is simple by every statistical measurement of ArcLight’s proprietary data: A new version of so-called civil uprising.

Keep in mind that the mobs will not be entirely consistent of those who are easily identified as “leftist” or “cookey.” Rather, the same cops that would normally be containing said Occupy type movements will be part of the mob. We at the ArcLight institute feel that this is a game changing dynamic that the United States has never seen before. In fact, in previous pieces we have outlined the potential role state and local law enforcement will play in what we feel will be a coming class/civil/culture war.

ArcLight data suggests that there are more than a few states and plenty of municipalities whose pension funds are running dry. As the income inequality gap continues to widen in America, what motivation do officers have in the event of massive civil unrest to show up to work? For instance, our imaginary officer has a family at home that we are sure he will be concerned about protecting. He will also have not been paid for some time and possibly just found out that his pension that was promised to him for all his hard years of work is not happening. Exactly what then makes that officer want to perform his duties? Another question one must ask is what makes that officer NOT want to be on the other side of the mob?

Spanish Middle Class Rioters. Photo:

Spanish Middle Class Rioters. Photo:

Will this be the case in every state of municipality? ArcLight data suggests most likely not. However, we feel that the situation that we described will be the rule rather than the exception. Additionally, while officers may have short tempers with privileged college kids rioting now they have a story to tell. What happens when said officer’s neighbors show up, friends show up, and they realize that they are all in the same metaphorical boat so to speak? What happens when the mobs start to look more like the cops in terms of demographics and social status than say a mob of over privileged college kids? The entire dynamic of civil unrest changes. As a matter of fact, one of the most striking details that the ArcLight institute has uncovered is the propensity for a middle class, working class, upper middle class civil revolt to be far more organized than anything than we have seen thus far in America. Most notably because there will be something of a far higher level of education amongst the participants, and also a very common overall driving cause. Let us also keep in mind that these would be the members of the same generation that have already been economically burned, foreclosed upon, watched their 401k’s get vaporized, etc. ArcLight statistical and non linear data shows that overall quality of living and citizen sentiment is more volatile than even in the 1960′s counter culture period.

In addition to being economically repressed with wage stagnation, lack of opportunities, and an increasingly invasive government, these are also the same individuals that have been dealing with a number of other “quiet boil” issues. Political correctness, affirmative action, a culturally more “diverse” society, foreign workers, increased taxation, etc. All issues that for the most part have irritated and aggravated the majority of Americans who have thanks to reasons we will not get into in this piece, have essentially become the silent majority — Dinner Table Revolutionaries — as we have come to call them. They represent the average repressed-anger infused American citizen that would have inevitably reached a breaking point. Let us also keep in mind that the group that we are talking about here has not had a chance to vent really since the war of 1812 (sarcasm intended). That being said, we feel that rather than entirely being targeters of opportunity as we have see with store looting and such, the group or demographic that we are now speaking about, being more educated, will seek out specific causes or groups of “opposition.” Once again, because a great deal of the anger that these citizens have repressed for so long is now slowly boiling to the surface, in Part 2 of this analysis, we are going to cover some interesting phenomenon that ArcLight has discovered regarding demographics and behavior.

Once again we do feel that the analysis we are making here is unusually important as the majority of what this demographic represents in terms of violence, behavior and so forth is entirely new.

Originally published by The ArcLight Institute. Used by permission. Minor stylistic and clarification edits were made without altering the author’s intent or ideas. 



The Mortgage Mess – What Really Happened?

April 7, 2014 Money 1 Comment
The following is a guest post from @pir8gold, who was the first person to teach us how to use Twitter to advance conservative ideals. We hope you enjoy her posting.  It was originally posted a couple of years ago, but so many people still do not understand what really caused the mortgage meltdown. We have reprised the article for you here. ======================== How did we get here?? – I’d like to call it the “THE PERFECT STORM” (but that title has already been taken)– anyway this is written by me for my financially-challenged friends. (I might add that this article is plagiarized in too many places: I was all over the internet when researching and took pieces from everywhere)—Happy reading,Patty. … Continue Reading

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